Sentence Examples

  • Rhyn nearly decked him when the blond brother shoved him back.
  • But larger decked vessels have come into increasing use.
  • In many cases the mummy had to be conveyed across the Nile, and boats were gaily decked out for this purpose.
  • He hadn't set eyes on the man since he'd decked him in front of his inn and that was fine in his book.
  • This period of Iceland's existence is eventless: she had got peace but with few of its blessings; all spirit seemed to have died with the commonwealth; even shepherding and such agriculture as there had been sank to a lower stage; wagons, ploughs and carts went out of use and knowledge; architecture in timber became a lost art, and the fine carved and painted halls of the heathen days were replaced by turfwalled barns half sunk in the earth; the large decked luggers of the old days gave way to small undecked fishing-boats.