Sentence Examples

  • The second snorted and strode into the cockpit, followed by the first.
  • This is possibly the case with regard to the older culture of Canaan in the preceding millennium, of which Palestinian excavations have yielded few traces, though we know it existed.32 War destroyed it: Palestine was the cockpit of Asia.
  • The petition was refused and was condemned as scandalous, and Franklin, who took upon himself the responsibility for the publication of the letters, in the hearing before the privy council at the Cockpit on the 29th of January 1 774 was insulted and was called a thief by Alexander Wedderburn (the solicitor-general, who appeared for Hutchinson and Oliver), and was removed from his position as head of the post office in the American colonies.
  • Of the theatres, which until the end of the Spanish period had to compete with the bull-ring and the cockpit, the most important is the Tacon (now "Nacional") erected in 1838.