Sentence Examples

  • Instead he strode through the bright hallways into the women's wing and into the first room.
  • They wandered the hallways on the main floor until finding one that led to a side door of the large, stone building.
  • He emerged outside the jailer's door and readied himself for a confrontation.  The sounds of activity were thick in the hallways behind him, and he listened, trying to determine if he could hear any sounds that the demons were victorious in the underworld.
  • Ully obeyed.  They crept through the hallways, avoiding any that seemed crowded.  Toby followed the directions he saw in his memories and led them to a small chamber near the center of the fortress.  They entered and closed the door, seeing the open portal hovering in the middle.  He took Ully's hand, and they stepped into it.
  • The warehouse had been divided up with hanging blankets into a maze of hallways and personal rooms.

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