Sentence Examples

  • He climbed halfway up before he heard what sounded like a sob from behind him.
  • Halfway through this century (249 B.C.) the desultory warfare between Egypt and the Seleucid power came to a temporary end (Dan.
  • The fur upon the necks usually runs dark, almost black, and in some cases the fur is black halfway down the length of the skin, in rarer cases three-quarters of the length and, in the most exceptional instances, the whole length, and when this is the case they are known as "Natural Black Foxes" and fetch enormous prices.
  • Brefeld regarded the promycelium as a kind of basidium, bearing lateral or terminal conidia (comparable to basidiospores), but since the number of basidiospores is not fixed, and the basidium has not yet assumed very definite morphological characters, Brefeld termed the group Hemibasidii, and regarded them as a halfway stage in the evolution of the true Basidiomycetes from Ph co Y Y mycetes, the Tilletia type leading to the true basidium (Autobasidium), the Ustilago type to the proto pm basidium, with lateral spores; but this p m view is based on very poor evidence, so that it is best to place these forms?p, c;,::, as a separate group, the Ustilaginales.

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