Sentence Examples

  • In special cases, however, a proglottis may be detached before attaining full growth, and with its generative organs in an imperfectly developed condition.
  • The first of these is prevalent in countries where much and imperfectly cooked beef is eaten, and where cattle in their turn are exposed to the infection of the tapeworm ova.
  • The tapeworm most frequently found in man in Western Europe is the Taenia solium, which is constant wherever pork is consumed, and is more common in parts where raw or imperfectly cooked pork is eaten.
  • Such a region was naturally occupied from a very early period by wild and lawless races of mountaineers, who were very imperfectly reduced to subjection by the powers that successively established their dominion in Asia Minor.
  • The older rocks of eastern Burma are very imperfectly known.

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