Sentence Examples

  • The division of the buildings into numerous small rooms is understood to signify that they were used as communal habitations, possibly of priestly orders.
  • By Venturi) to be sepulchral, but really the remains of human habitations, analogous to shell heaps or kitchen middens.
  • On this fiftieth day two wave-loaves made from the produce of the fields occupied by the worshipper ("your habitations") are offered together with seven unblemished lambs of the first year as well as one young bullock and two rams as a burnt offering.
  • It is a dusty, straggling, frontier town with rough habitations and a halfcivilized population, chiefly Indians and mestizos.
  • The virtue of the consecrated candles in discomfiting demons is specially brought out: " that in whatever places they may be lighted, or placed, the princes of darkness may depart, and tremble, and may fly terror-stricken with all their ministers from those habitations, nor presume further to disquiet and molest those who serve thee, Almighty God " (Rituale Rom.).

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