Sentence Examples

  • Affected individuals have mild hemoglobin H disease, mild-to-moderate mental retardation, and characteristic facial features, as well as various other developmental processes that mimic hemoglobin H disease.
  • Hemerocallis Minor - Known in many gardens under the name of H. graminea, from its grass-like foliage, was formerly classed by the older botanists as a variety of H. flava, though now considered distinct.
  • It is a native of Hungary, and is common in gardens, but is often confused with H. abchasicus, a taller and more slender plant, the flower-stems of which are longer, and the blossoms nodding and smaller.
  • Hyacinthus Amethystinus - Though nearly related to H. azureus, is quite different, and flowers a month later and at a time when there is a dearth of flowers of this description in the hardy bulb garden.
  • There are two or three species, but the most important is H. glabra, which has been largely used as a carpeting plant on account of its dwarf growth, and it is always a deep green, even in a hot season.

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