Sentence Examples

  • They are small grottos cut in the rock.
  • Of this harbour is the Capo Caccia, with two stalactite grottos, the finest of which, the Grotta di Nettuno, is accessible only from the sea.
  • The cathedral, of the 12th century, has a carved portal and three apses decorated with small arches and pilasters, and contains a fine pulpit and episcopal throne in marble mosaic. Near it are two grottos 1 To the period after 335 belong numerous silver and bronze coins with the legend Caleno.
  • Amongst the best-known are the grottos of Adelsberg, the larger ones of Planina and the Kreuzberghohle near Laas.
  • At Syracuse also there are very extensive catacombs known as " the Grottos of St John."

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