Sentence Examples

  • She started to saw at them with the knife.  The wood was thick and wet.  She shifted closer, gasping when the root healed the cuts she'd just made.  Furious at the latest trick from the Immortal underworld, Katie sawed furiously at the root, until her arm ached.  She'd barely made a dent when she switched arms.
  • Admiral de Coligny made several unsuccessful endeavours to form a colony in Florida under Jean Ribault of Dieppe, Rene de Laudonniere and others, but the settlers were furiously assailed by the Spaniards and the attempt was abandoned.
  • The last remains of it were crushed in Valencia, where the Mahommedans were furiously attacked by the Christian peasantry during the great agrarian revolt known as the Germania, 1520-1521.
  • The French division was leading, and De Ruyter fell furiously upon the English in the centre and rear.
  • After a cannonade in which it suffered more severely than its entrenched enemy, the French centre furiously attacked the village of Allerheim; the fighting here was very heavy, and on the whole in favour of the Germans, although Mercy was killed.

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