Sentence Examples

  • Lisa stared at him, fragments of the night before slowly fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • (3) A part surrounded by the fragments of the Dinaro-Taurus arch, especially by Crete and Cyprus.
  • Hostius, who wrote a poem on the Illyrian War of 178 B.C., of which some fragments are preserved.
  • Numerous fragments of obsidian arrow-heads and chips are also found in and near them all over the island.
  • The World was consigned to his desk; and although doctrines in all essential respects the same constitute the physical portion of his Principia, it was not till after the death of Descartes that fragments of the work, including Le Monde, or a treatise on light, and the physiological tracts L'Momme and La Formation du foetus, were given to the world by his admirer Claude Clerselier (1614-1684) in 1664.

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