Sentence Examples

  • They took their time, squatting on the dusty ground, letting minutes pass between bits of conversation.
  • Because of this, "two bits" is still slang for twenty-five cents in the United States.
  • Tennyson's health slowly became restored, and in 1846 he was hard at work on The Princess; in the autumn of this year he took a tour in Switzerland, and saw great mountains and such "stateliest bits of landskip" for the first time.
  • Meanwhile the number of cheap periodicals increased enormously, such as the weekly Tit-bits (1881), and Answers (1888), and profusely illustrated magazines appeared, like the Strand (1891), Pearson's (1896), or Windsor (1895).
  • Those of Phyrganea consist of bits of twigs or leaves cut to a suitable length and laid side by side in a long spirally-coiled band, forming the wall of a subcylindrical cavity.

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