Sentence Examples

  • Throw on some chips and make a blaze.
  • For road-mending flint, though very hard, is not regarded with favour, as it is brittle and pulverizes readily; binds badly, yielding a surface which breaks up with heavy traffic and in bad weather; and its fine sharp-edged chips do much damage to tires of motors and cycles.
  • Chips and cuttings are ground up and mixed with india-rubber to form kamptulicon floor-cloth, or "cork-carpet."
  • Here, till far on into the 1 9 th century, the Englishmen could watch the natives striking off flakes of stone, trimming them to convenient shape for grasping them in the hand, and edging; them by taking off successive chips on one face only.
  • The finding of chips of "sarsens" and "blue stones" together "down to the bed of the rock" would seem to disprove the theory that the inner circle and inner horseshoe were built earlier than the rest of the monument.

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