Sentence Examples

  • In this sense passio was used by the early Christian writers, and the term is also applied to the sufferings and deeds of saints and martyrs, synonymously with acta or fiesta, a book containing such being known as a "passional" (liber passionalis) or "passionary" (passionarius).
  • Thesources ofz(c)areLat.ce, cj,ij,s (cielo, c a e 1 u m; caiza, c a I c e a; razon, r a t i 0 n e m; zampoa, iv nip ho n i a)- As regards the spirants f and v, it is to be observed that at the beginning of a word f has in many instances been replaced by the aspirated h (afterwards silent), while in others no less current among the people the transformation has not taken place; thus we have hijo (f i Ii u m) alongside of fiesta (fast a).
  • A little less than a month later on July 25th sees the fiesta of Saint James, who is the patron saint of Alcudia.
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  • Come and celebrate this colorful fiesta diabolically recreated through stories in a uniquely anarchic entertainment.

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