Sentence Examples

  • The name is a compound of two divine names; the first part is a form of the Himyaritic `Athtar, the equivalent of the Old Testament Ashtoreth, the Phoenician Astarte, with the feminine ending omitted (Assyr.
  • 1 In Anglo-French documents the word counte was at all times used as the equivalent of earl, but, unlike the feminine form "countess," it did not find its way into the English language until the 16th century, and then only in the sense defined above.
  • From such names it is only a step to names of one element, a characteristic feature of which is the frequent addition of an ending -turn (feminine), an, a, um, atum, atija, sha, &c., most of these being " hypocoristic affixes," corresponding in a measure to modern pet-names.
  • It is celebrated for its medicinal waters, of which the Alexisbrunnen, a ferruginous spring, is used for drinking, while the Selkebrunnen supplies the baths, which are of use in feminine disorders.
  • Apart from some southern dialect forms which have found their way into the literary language, as vat (for fat or wine fat which still survives in the English Bible) and vixen the feminine of fox, all the words in English which begin with V are of foreign, and most of Latin origin.

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