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  • This is a somewhat heterogeneous group, most of whose members are characterized by clubbed feelers and simple, unbroadened tarsal segments - usually five on each foot - but in some familie andenera the males have less than the normal number on the feet of one pair.
  • II) have feelers with seven or fewer distinct segments, and the fifth abdominal From Osb orn (after segment usually carries a pair of tubular proSchibdte), Bull.
  • The feelers are long and simple, and the wings are very narrow, each with a sub-costal, a radial, a median and a cubital nervure; the branches of the median and the cubital, however, as well as the anal nervures, are vestigial, and there are a few short cross-bars between After Marlatt, Ent.
  • I got some ideas and I have a few feelers out, Fred answered, a defensive tone in his voice.
  • A, Beetle; b, head of beetle with feelers and palps; c, larva; d, pupa.

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