Sentence Examples

  • These static and kinetic conditions succeed each other rapidly, and the result is to detach or throw off from the antenna semi-loops of electric force, which move outwards in all directions and are accompanied by expanding circular lines of magnetic force.
  • This corresponds to the electrical discharge of the antenna, and the subsequent string vibrations to the electrical vibrations.
  • Braun suggested in 1898 that the oscillatory discharge of a Leyden jar should be sent through the primary coil of a transformer and the secondary coil should be interposed between the antenna and an earth connexion.'
  • D and spark gap, has the same natural time period of oscillation as the open circuit consisting of the antenna, secondary coil and adjustable inductance.
  • One end of the inductance coil is connected to the earth, and some other point on the closed condenser circuit to an antenna of appropriate length.

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