Sentence Examples

  • Arms, tentacles, and antennae stretched for it.
  • Fleas are wingless insects, with a laterally compressed body, small and indistinctly separated head, and short thick antennae situated in cavities somewhat behind and above the simple eyes, which are always minute and sometimes absent.
  • In many cases multiple antennae are used consisting of many wires arranged in cone or umbrella-rib fashion, or a metal roof or metallic chimney may be employed (see fig.
  • In many cases additional condensers or inductance coils are inserted in various places so that the arrangement is somewhat disguised, but by far the larger part of the electric wave wireless telegraphy in 1907 was effected by transmitters having antennae either inductively or directly coupled to a closed condenser circuit containing a spark gap.
  • 12148), who proposed to place two receiving antennae at a distance of half a wave-length apart.

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