Sentence Examples

  • It explodes when heated.
  • It dissolves iodine and absorbs chlorine, and is decomposed by water with formation of chromic and hydrochloric acids; it takes fire in contact with sulphur, ammonia, alcohol, &c., and explodes in contact with phosphorus; it also acts as a powerful oxidizing agent.
  • It boils at 59° C. (12 mm.), and explodes when heated.
  • It explodes in contact with concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • By the action of bleaching powder on methylamine hydrochloride, there is obtained a volatile liquid (methyldichloramine, CH 3 -N C1 2), boiling at 58-60° C., which explodes violently when heated with water, yielding hydrocyanic acid (CH 3 NC1 2 =HCN+2HC1).

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