Sentence Examples

  • In Rome, as Waitz and Harnack hold, but Lightfoot disproves, Clem.
  • This effectually disproves the story that he left the Council of Trent so as to avoid taking part in an adverse decree.
  • Two forms are possible (i.) modus ponens (which establishes the consequent set down in the major premise): if A is B, it is C (or C is D); A is B; therefore A is C (or C is D), and (ii.) modus tollens (which disproves the antecedent): if A is B, it is C (or C is D); A is not C (or C is not D); therefore it is not B (or A is not B).
  • The whole life of the advocate disproves them, and not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to throw suspicion upon the patriot statesman's conduct.