Sentence Examples

  • This is the typical arrangement, which is exhibited in the majority of the Polychaeta and Oligochaeta; in these the successive chambers of the coelom are separated by the intersegmental septa, sheets of muscle fibres extending from the body wall to the gut and thus forming partitions across the body.
  • 1088), medieval theologian, was born at Tours early in the iith century; he was educated in the famous school of Fulbert of Chartres, but even in early life seems to have exhibited great independence of judgment.
  • The habits of certain other spiders suggest the origin of the perfect adaptation to a q uatic conditions exhibited by Desis and Argyroneta.
  • In the author's concluding summary he remarks on the fact that, while the Odontolcae, as exhibited in Hesperornis, had teeth inserted in a continuous groove - a low and generalized character as shown by reptiles, they had, however, the strongly differentiated saddle-shaped vertebrae such as all modern birds possess.
  • Both at Sevres and Neuchatel Aegean vases have been exhibited since about 1840, the provenience being in the one case Phylakope in Melos, in the other Cephalonia.

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