Sentence Examples

  • He touched her automatically, stroking the side of her face and tucking errant curls behind her ear.
  • The jockeying crowd made it difficult for five-foot Cynthia Dean to catch more than a glimpse of the activity as bodies rolled and washed across the pavement and errant streams drenched the crowd.
  • "But I'm not done –" Rhyn snatched the open can of food and flung it into the forest.  Toby stared at him then took his pink coat and crawled deeper into the little cave.  Rhyn stretched out on his back next to the fire, his mind puzzling over the angel's words.  However much he tried to focus on what it was Death had agreed to, he couldn't escape his mixed emotions or one errant thought.
  • He tucked an errant curl behind her ear, enjoying the brush of her soft skin.
  • - " Errant" Polychaetes with well-marked prostomium possessing tentacles and palps with evident and locomotor parapodia, supported (with few exceptions) by strong spines, the aciculi; muscular pharynx usually armed with jaws; septa and nephridia regularly metameric and similar throughout body; free living and predaceous.

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