Sentence Examples

  • This phenomenon is connected with the fact that incandescent bodies, especially in rarefied gases, throw off or emit electrons or gaseous negative ions.
  • These negative particles or corpuscles seem to be the ultimate units of negative electricity, and may be identified with the electrons required by the theories of H.
  • In gases the electrons sometimes travel alone, but in liquids they are always attached to matter, and their motion involves the movement of chemical atoms or groups of atoms. An atom with an extra corpuscle is a univalent negative ion, an atom with one corpuscle detached is a univalent positive ion.
  • In metals the electrons can slip from one atom to the next, since a current can pass without chemical action.
  • These particles, which were termed by their discoverer corpuscles, are more commonly spoken of as electrons,' the particle thus being identified with the charge which it carries.

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