Sentence Examples

  • Electric charge consists, therefore, in an excess or deficit of negative electrons in a body.
  • For purposes of theoretical discussions relating to moving radiators and reflectors, it is important to remember that the dynamics of all this theory of electrons involves the neglect of terms of the order (v/c) 2, not merely in the value of K but throughout.
  • The difficulty that a number of spectroscopic lines seem to involve at least an equal number of electrons may be got over by imagining that the atom may present several positions of equilibrium to the electron, which it may occupy in turn.
  • A collision may be able to throw the electrons from one of these positions to another.
  • Electromotive force is due to a difference in the density of the electronic population in different or identical conducting bodies, and whilst the electrons can move freely through so-called conductors their motion is much more hindered or restricted in non-conductors.

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