Sentence Examples

  • Eagles, Constructive Geometry of Plane Curves (1886); geometric investigations primarily based on the relation of the conic sections to a cone are given in Hugo Hamilton's De Sectionibus Conicis (1758); this method of treatment has been largely replaced by considering the curves from their definition in piano, and then passing to their derivation from the cone and cylinder.
  • Eagles and hawks are common, and many kinds of singing birds.
  • During the Hundred Days, Louis Napoleon, then a child of seven, witnessed the presentation of the eagles to 50,000 soldiers; but a few weeks later, before his departure for Rochefort, the defeated Napoleon embraced him for the last time, and his mother had to receive Frederick William III.
  • Eagles, Plane Curves (1885).
  • Among the birds, of which 172 species are described by Mr Swinhoe in his paper in The Ibis (1870), there are eagles, notably a new species Spilornis Rutherfordi, buzzards, harriers, kites, owls, goatsuckers and woodpeckers.

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