Sentence Examples

  • The dim instrument panel light revealed a strong profile with an aquiline nose and prominent cheekbones.
  • A great shock of rough, dusky, dark hair; bright, laughing, hazel eyes; massive aquiline face, most massive yet most delicate; of sallow brown complexion, almost Indian-looking, clothes cynically loose, free-and-easy, smokes infinite tobacco.
  • In person Machiavelli was of middle height, black-haired, with rather a small head, very bright eyes and slightly aquiline nose.
  • "They are as unlike the Malays as we are, excelling them in tallness of stature and elegance of shape, and being perfectly distinguished by their oval face, with a fairly high and open brow, their aquiline nose and their horizontally placed eyes.
  • They have light olive complexions, a fine aquiline nose, bright black eyes, a well-turned chin, heavy arched eyebrows, thick sensual lips, and usually wear a light curling moustache.

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