Sentence Examples

  • He drew simple diagrams, three of which, taken from Dalton's New System of Chemical Philosophy, part ii.
  • The form of the torque curve, or crank effort curve, as it is sometimes called, is discussed in the article Steam Engine, and the torque curve corresponding to actual indicator diagrams taken from an express passenger engine travelling at a speed of 65 m.
  • In water and in ethylene experiment shows that 8 parts by weight of oxygen and 6 parts of carbon, respectively, are in union with one part of hydrogen; also, if the diagrams are correct, these numbers must be in the ratio of the atomic weights of oxygen and carbon.
  • - Diagrams to show the structure of Nematocysts and their mode of working.
  • - Diagrams of the Structure of the Gonophores of various Hydromedusae, based on the figures of G.