Sentence Examples

  • But the spectroscopes that can be employed for stellar spectroP graphs are not sufficiently powerful to separate fully lines which are very closely adjacent, and therefore a line, assumed to be of a known wave-length, may be apparently displaced by the near neighbourhood of an unknown line.
  • 10 But the graphs which should contain, besides the normal sitter, representations of deceased friends.
  • If we examine the hydrographic basins of the three divisions of Asia thus indicated we find that the northern division, including the drainage falling into the Arctic Sea,the Aralo- Hydro- Caspian depression, or the Mediterranean, embraces an graphs area of about 6,394,500 sq.
  • Coast of Norway: every ten to twelve years this flow appeared to reach a maximum and a graph of the variations showed a certain resemblance to the well-known graphs showing the numbers of spots on the sun from year to year.
  • Another useful set of graphs comprises those which give the relation between the expressions of a length, volume, &c., on different systems of measurement.

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