Sentence Examples

  • - Morphology of an Insect: the embryo of Gryllotalpa, somewhat diagrammatic. The longitudinal segmented band along the middle line represents the early segmentation of the nervous system and the subsequent median field of each sternite; the lateral transverse unshaded bands are the lateral fields of each segment; the shaded areas indicate the more internally placed mesoderm layer.
  • - Diagrammatic projections to show the relations of the female reproductive ducts; A, in the Malacocotylea; B, in the Heterocotylea.
  • - Diagrammatic Longitudinal Sections of Cheilostomatous Zooecia.
  • Physalia, general view, diagrammatic; B, cormidium of Physalia; D, palpon; T, palpacle; G, siphon; GP, gonopalpon; M d', male gonophore; M y, female gonophore, ultimately set free.
  • - Diagrammatic sections to show disposition of internal organs in Carinella (Protonemertini), fig.