Sentence Examples

  • He wrote much devotional verse, including the well-known hymn "Eternal Light!
  • The neuter term brahma is used in the Rigveda both in the abstract sense of "devotion, worship," and in the concrete sense of "devotional rite, prayer, hymn."
  • The Brahman priest (brahma) being thus the recognized head of the sacerdotal order (brahma), which itself is the visible embodiment of sacred writ and the devotional spirit pervading it (brahma), the complete realization of theocratic aspirations required but a single step, which was indeed taken in the theosophic speculations of the later Vedic poets and the authors of the Brahmanas (q.v.), viz.
  • It is loosely used to describe any exalted strain of devotional melody.
  • About the age of twenty he was seized with a violent access of devotional rapture.