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  • He descried the land near Cape St Augustine, and sailed along the coast as The Portu- far as the river Amazon, whence he proceeded to the geese in mouth of the Orinoco.
  • Above the water he looked out over a boundless horizon on the south and south-west, and towards the west descried at a distance of 50 or 60 m.
  • The Elder Pliny inspired his nephew with something of his own indomitable industry; and in August 79, when the author of the Historia naturalis lost his life in the famous eruption of Vesuvius, it was the sister of the Elder and the mother of the Younger Pliny who first descried the signs of the approaching visitation, and, some twenty-seven years later, it was the Younger Pliny who wrote a graphic account of the last hours of his uncle, in a letter addressed to the historian Tacitus (vi.
  • From the eastern edge of the above-named copses he suddenly descried the camp of a whole French Corps (the 4th), evidently ignorant of their danger, on the slopes trending westward from Amanvillers.
  • At all events the ha has to be distinguished from the soul, the bai (in hieroglyphs~or~), which was of more tangible nature, and might be descried hovering around the tomb in the form of a bird or in some other shape; for it was thought that the soul might assume what shape it would, if the funerary rites had been duly attended to.

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