Sentence Examples

  • "The sin once committed, there is no more wavering or flinching possible to him, who has fought so hard against the demoniac possession; while she who resigned body and soul to the tempter, almost at a word, remains liable to the influences of religion and remorse."
  • The invocation of a powerful name over a thing or person brings him or it within its sphere of influence, and actually communicates thereto the demoniac or supernatural power wielded by the owner of the name.
  • He was interrupted by a demoniac, but He quelled the evil spirit by a word; He was stronger than the power of evil.
  • " On the opposite hills a solitary spectator had watched the rise and the lull of the tempest, a fierce demoniac who dwelt among the tombs on the mountain-side.
  • They think me mad--Starbuck does; but I'm demoniac, I am madness maddened!

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