Sentence Examples

  • This act, which was only decided upon after much hesitation, had a most deleterious effect upon the national credit.
  • A few crops, such as mustard, seem deleterious to them.
  • The deleterious influence of high bloodpressure has engaged the attention of physicians and pathologists in later years, and the conclusion arrived at is, that although it may arise from accidental causes, such as malcomposition of the blood, yet that in many instances it is a hereditary or family defect, and is bound up with the tendency to gout and cirrhotic degeneration of the kidney.
  • The vessels are only temporary channels by which is brought forward the food supply that is needed by the advancing army if it is suc-, cessfully to carry on its function; they probably also drain off the deleterious fluid substances formed by the cellular disintegration that has taken place in the part.
  • It is believed rather that the condition is due to deleterious toxic substances which act for prolonged periods on the tissue elements and so alter their histon proteins that they combine in situ with other protein substances which are brought by the blood or lymph.

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