Sentence Examples

  • He saw firsthand how Rhyn.s destructive nature took its toll on those closest to him, and the half-breed had no sense of loyalty or duty to the Council.
  • He was sparring with another warrior, his fluid, destructive movements far from the gentle ones he used with her.
  • His famous reply "Obbedisco" ("I obey") has often been cited as a classical example of military obedience to a command destructive of a successful leader's hopes, but documents now published (cf.
  • On the whole, however, the number of destructive lightning strokes and of days of thunder do not show a close parallelism.
  • 8 45, 1 333, according to whom Typhon, the "snake-footed" earth-spirit, is the god of the destructive wind, perhaps originally of the sirocco, but early taken by the Phoenicians to denote the north wind, in which sense it was probably used by the Greeks of the 5th century in nautical language; and also in Philologus, ii.

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