Sentence Examples

  • It is a mighty river, rising in the Rocky Mountains, and crossing eighteen degrees of longitude.
  • His starting-point was on the Fitzroy Downs, north of the river Condamine, in Queensland, between the 26th and 27th degrees of S.
  • And other degrees, and for university and college offices.
  • Degrees at Oxford, Edinburgh and Dublin, and was made a fellow of the Royal Society.
  • But even when inside it does not follow that the Fungus can kill the cell, and many cases are known where the Fungus can break throtigh the cells first lines of defence (cell-wall and protoplasmic lining); but the struggle goes on at close quarters, and various degrees of hypertrophy, accumulation of plastic bodies or secretions, discolorations, &c.,, indicate the suffering of the still living cell.