Sentence Examples

  • Click on the links in the box at the right to access the direct debit mandate form.
  • In addition to income and expense tracking, this program allows you to track employee mileage expenses, create invoices, accept credit and debit cards from customers, organize your business contacts, manage payroll and manage payroll taxes.
  • Some special features consumers enjoy with credit, debit, and prepaid cards include acceptance at millions of locations around the world, unparalleled payment options, and protection from identity theft and fraudulent purchases.
  • When the loan is approved, the homeowner is given a checkbook from which they can write checks to draw on the line of credit, or in some instances the lender issues a debit card that draws directly from the line of credit.
  • When you have business overdraft protection, then the money transfers automatically to your bank account to pay a check or to allow you or your employee to use your debit card, even if you have a $0 balance in the bank.