Sentence Examples

  • In the insectivorous type, as exemplified in moles and shrew-mice, the middle pair of incisors in each jaw are long and pointed so as to have a forceps-like action for seizing insects, the hard coats of which are broken up by the numerous sharp cusps surmounting the cheek-teeth.
  • A more generally accepted view - especially among palaeontologists - is the tritubercular theory, according to which the most generalized type of tooth consists of three cusps arranged in a triangle, with the apex pointing inwards in the teeth of the upper jaw.
  • Additions of extra cusps form teeth of a more complicated type.
  • In regard to the ordinary singularities, we have m, the order, n „ class, „ number of double points, Cusps, T double tangents, inflections; and this being so, Pliicker's ” six equations ” are n = m (m - I) -2S -3K, = 3m (m - 2) - 6S- 8K, T=Zm(m -2) (m29) - (m2 - m-6) (28-i-3K)- I -25(5-1) +65K-1114 I), m =n(n - I)-2T-3c, K= 3n (n-2) - 6r -8c, = 2n(n-2)(n29) - (n2 - n-6) (2T-{-30-1-2T(T - I) -1-6Tc -}2c (c - I).
  • For the reciprocal curve these letters denote respectively the order, class, number of nodes, cusps, double tangent and inflections.

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