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  • The most beautiful portion of the mosque, however, still exists in the prayer chamber of Hakim, where are to be found the earliest examples of the cusped arch and the origin of many of the geometrical patterns in stucco at the Alhambra.
  • Rootless, and either cusped or formed of parallel plates, this diversityof structure often occurring in the same family.
  • A more advanced phase is represented in the European Lower Oligocene by the Pseudosciuridae, with the genera Pseudosciurus, Sciuroides, Trechomys, Theridomys, &c., in which part of the masseter passes through the broad infra-orbital canal, and the premolars are; the molars being low-crowned, many-rooted and either cusped or ridged.
  • The cheek-teeth form a continuous series, gradually increasing in size from the first to the last: the molars having square four-cusped crowns.
  • Among the finest examples of this sort of work are the screens round the tombs of the Scala family at Verona, 1 35 0 - 1 375, - a sort of network of light cusped quatrefoils, each filled up with a small ladder (scala) in allusion to the name of the family.

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