Sentence Examples

  • She opened the cupboards and glanced over her meager supply of canned goods.
  • She rummaged around one of the cupboards for her prescription painkillers, her head pounding.
  • By day he concealed himself in cupboards or under furniture, and by night he groped his way into the royal kitchen to eat whatever he could find.
  • In some of the older streets European shops have replaced the picturesque native cupboards; drinking dens have sprung up at many of the corners, while telephones and electric light have been introduced by private companies, and European machinery is used in many of the corn-mills, &c. The main thoroughfare leads from Bab el Marsa (Gate of the Port) to the Bab el Sok (Gate of the Market-place) known to the English as Port Catherine.
  • Carts piled high with household utensils, chairs, and cupboards kept emerging from the gates of the yards and moving along the streets.