Sentence Examples

  • Pretenders stepped forward but with even less credentials than the recently departed Rupert Youngblood.
  • Dean ordered a cup and showed her his credentials, but she hardly glanced at them.
  • Inside, a white-jacketed attendant, who looked like a high­schooler, casually checked Dean's credentials while Cynthia wait­ed, not quite out of ear shot.
  • To these also belong the rite of wµoc¢ayta,and the communication of liturgical formulae for the guidance of the soul of the dead man on his way to the underworld, which also served as credentials to the gods below.
  • The two conceptions, once common in the Christian church, that on the one hand miracles involved an interference with the forces and a suspension of the laws of nature, and that, on the other hand, as this could be effected only by divine power, they served as credentials of a divine revelation, are now generally abandoned.

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