Sentence Examples

  • By purchasing organic coffee and other products that have earned Fair Trade certification, consumers are able to use their spending power to support the continued operation of small farms that adhere to the principles of Fair Trade farming.
  • Foods containing GMO ingredients cannot hold an organic certification because even if they are not exposed to additional toxins and chemicals during production, they are still not technically natural because of the scientific modification.
  • Christian yoga certification is more in demand as some members of Christian denominations have been cautious of the Eastern influence that some instructors bring to their yoga practice and prefer to have a Christian-based yoga experience.
  • Whether you are planning to become a teacher and need initial certification, or you are an established teacher looking for a refresher course or advanced certification, many teacher training programs in India can help you meet your goals.
  • If you are already a teacher, adding yoga for kids teacher certification is relatively easy and inexpensive, and can provide children with an excellent physical education that helps them relieves stress and develop body, mind and spirit.