Sentence Examples

  • In an extended fraud alert, it does require the lender to receive additional documentation and verification of your identity, such as requiring the lender to contact the consumer at a specific phone number to verify the credit application.
  • If your pregnancy is high risk, your doctor or midwife should provide clear documentation of the risks associated with your pregnancy and any special precautions you should take, including maternity leave recommendations.
  • Additionally, it's important to check the guarantee documentation that came with your recreational vehicle so that you can be certain that you are following the recommended maintenance procedures for your particular unit.
  • Low Documentation Mortgage: Although this fixed rate mortgage does not require all the same income and employment verifications as a traditional mortgage loan, the interest rates and fees for this type of loan are usually much higher.
  • Since there exists no documentation linking headaches to foods containing high levels of tannins (ever heard of a nut headache?), researchers have yet to prove a definitive connection between the substance and red wine headaches.