Sentence Examples

  • In an extended fraud alert, it does require the lender to receive additional documentation and verification of your identity, such as requiring the lender to contact the consumer at a specific phone number to verify the credit application.
  • Low Documentation Mortgage: Although this fixed rate mortgage does not require all the same income and employment verifications as a traditional mortgage loan, the interest rates and fees for this type of loan are usually much higher.
  • Since there exists no documentation linking headaches to foods containing high levels of tannins (ever heard of a nut headache?), researchers have yet to prove a definitive connection between the substance and red wine headaches.
  • Technical writers are professionals who gather information from existing documentation and subject matter experts in order to prepare content such as software installation guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting instructions.
  • The best advice is that if you do decide to sell your gold or buy gold, make sure you keep all documentation and communication so that if a problem does arise, you'll be prepared and won't be a victim of buying gold scams.