Sentence Examples

  • It held all the weapons she could cram in there.
  • Cram, American Animals (New York, 1902); E.
  • Cram, in their American Animals (1902), "they dig burrows for themselves or else take possession of those already made by badgers and prairie-dogs.
  • T vr9 ianf' iktn>; 0 Llatdieo Tat cram ° Carnaruon nf?
  • From one subject to another, good health, are necessary for success, though not tested directly, and these qualities are valuable in any kind of work (this appears to be incontrovertible); (xix.) examination records show that success in examinations is generally followed by success in after-life, and the test is therefore efficient (it does not follow that certain rejected candidates may not be extremely efficient); (xx.) as a plea for purely " external examinations," teachers cannot be trusted to be impartial and it is better for a boy to " cram " than to curry favour with his teacher (Latham).