Sentence Examples

  • I haven't cooked more than a couple times since you came, and I'm afraid I might forget how.
  • Anthropophagorum, was one of certain plants always cooked with human flesh, which was said to be otherwise difficult of digestion.
  • This bread is made by burying the materials for months, till the mass is thoroughly fermented and homogeneous, when it is dug up and cooked by baking or steaming.
  • Cooking-pots, made at various parts of the coast, form one of the great exchanges for sago; but where such vessels do not reach, food is cooked by the women on the embers, done up in leaves, or in holes in the ground over heated stones.
  • Under this shade the inmates spend much of their time; here their meals, which are cooked on the ground beneath the house, are served.

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