Sentence Examples

  • I thought you were involved in drugs or contraband of some sort... you were so secretive.
  • The trade was contraband, and the opium was bought by the Chinese from depot ships at the ports.
  • CHOUANS (a Bas-Breton word signifying screech-owls), the name applied to smugglers and dealers in contraband salt, who rose in insurrection in the west of France at the time of the Revolution and joined the royalists of La Vendee.
  • Of all English colonies, the Amcriea n were the mo~t nor,i,1n,~.;ind imnnrt~,nt, Their nio~iniilv to the ~nanish colonies in the West Indies had naturally led to a contraband trade.
  • No estimate can be made of the contraband, which must have been large.