Sentence Examples

  • This word " liturgy " soon came to connote the Eucharist.
  • Yet the transformation is unequivocal; and the revised conception no longer seems to connote the theological implications that were at first ascribed to it.
  • In a more restricted sense it is used to connote certain thin layers of bony fragments, which occur upon welldefined geological horizons.
  • Indeed, the acquired tendency to virtuous conduct may become so strong that the habit of willing it may continue, " even when the reward which 3 I should be observed that Austin, after Bentham, more frequently uses the term " moral " to connote what he more distinctly calls " positive morality," the code of rules supported by common opinion in any society.
  • He suggests that the term " quinone " theory be abandoned, and replaced by the Umlagerungs theory, since this term implies some intermolecular rearrangement, and does not connote simply benzenoid compounds as does " quinonoid."