Sentence Examples

  • The manner in which this condition of complacent ignorance came to be disturbed is instructive.
  • In the protest against the scheme of "judging truth by counting noses," Shaftesbury recognized the danger of the standard which seemed to satisfy many deists; and in almost every respect he has more in common with those who afterwards, in Germany, annihilated the pretensions of complacent rationalism than with the rationalists themselves.
  • There is none of the complacent and wise-browed sagacity of Bacon, for Burke's were days of personal strife and fire and civil division.
  • He was accused, indeed, of being little more than the complacent executor of the emperor's will, and defended himself in the Reichstag against the charge.
  • Nor is there any lack of evidence of a growing dissatisfaction on the part of many physiologists with the complacent assumption that the methods of physical science, and particularly the conception of causal activity common to the sciences which study inorganic nature, can be transferred without further criticism to the examination of life and mind.

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