Sentence Examples

  • It is capped at the value your labor adds to the goods or services you create.
  • Hence it consists (1) partly of ranges, mostly snow-capped, which stretch from south-west to north-east, and which in several cases terminate en echelon on the verge of the desert, and (2) partly of ranges which strike away from the above at various angles, but in a predominantly north-western direction.
  • Popular incredulity expressed itself in the assertion that, as James had attempted to gain his ends by means of a packed bench of judges and a packed House of Commons, he had now capped the series of falsifications by the production of a supposititious heir.
  • The St Francois Mountains and the neighbouring portion of the Ozark region are capped with Archean rocks.
  • The geological core of the system consists of primitive argillaceous schists, capped by quartzite and broken through in places by basalt.

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