Sentence Examples

  • His intention of killing Napoleon and his calculations of the cabalistic number of the beast of the Apocalypse now seemed to him meaningless and even ridiculous.
  • Logarithms were originally invented for the sake of abbreviating arithmetical calculations, as by their means the operations of multiplication and division may be replaced by those of addition and subtraction, and the operations of raising to powers and extraction of roots by those of multiplication and division.
  • Thus in arithmetical calculations if the base is not expressed it is understood to be io, so that log m denotes log n m; but in analytical formulae it is understood to be e.
  • Calculations he had made, and suggested to Napier the advantages) that would result from the choice of io as a base, an improvement which he had explained in his lectures at Gresham College, and on which he had written to Napier.
  • It seems to be due to Wittich of Breslau, who was assistant for a short time to Tycho Brahe; and it was used by them in their calculations in 1582.

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