Sentence Examples

  • Since heats of formation afford such convenient data for calculation on the above method, they have been ascertained for as many compounds as possible.
  • Of other Indian writers mention may be made of Cridhara, the author of a Ganita-sara (" Quintessence of Calculation "), and Padmanabha, the author of an algebra.
  • This triangle, for the convenience of calculation, we divide into two right-angled triangles.
  • (v.) The further extension to fractional values (positive or negative) of n depends in the first instance on the establishment of a method of algebraical evolution which bears the same relation to arithmetical evolution (calculation of a surd) that algebraical division bears to arithmetical division.
  • Descending series of the semi-convergent class, available for numerical calculation when u is moderately large, can be obtained from (12) by writing x=uy, and expanding the denominator in powers of y.

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