Sentence Examples

  • Special experiments were made to determine the work done against resistances outside the vessel of water, which amounted to about 006 of the whole, and corrections were made for the loss of heat by radiation, the buoyancy of the air affecting the descending weights, and the energy dissipated when the weights struck the floor with a finite velocity.
  • The drill is thus allowed to fall freely, instead of being partly upheld by the buoyancy of the water, as in earlier wells.
  • The body is in equilibrium under two forces: - (i.) its weight W acting vertically downward body, and (ii.) the buoyancy of the of the displaced fluid, and acting B, the C.G.
  • Will move from G to G 1 the reduced distance G1G2 = c (P/W); and if B, called the centre of buoyancy, moves to B 1, along the curve of buoyancy BB 1, the normal of this curve at B 1 will be the new vertical B1G1, meeting the old vertical in a point M, the centre of curvature of BB I, called the metacentre.
  • If G was above M, the tangent drawn from G to the evolute of B, and normal to the curve of buoyancy, would give the vertical in a new position of equilibrium.

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