Sentence Examples

  • Was he just biding his time waiting for her to come into his life, or did she come into his life when he was finally ready for her?
  • If the story is correct, his acts at Bayonne showed once more his custom of biding his time in order to take an overwhelming revenge.
  • He was now about two points before Cradock's beam, biding his time and waiting for the sun to set.
  • A bond was drawn in which Darnley pledged himself to support the confederates who undertook to punish "certain privy persons" offensive to the state, "especially a strange Italian, called Davie"; another was subscribed by Darnley and the banished lords, then biding their time in Newcastle, which engaged him to procure their pardon and restoration, while pledging them to insure to him the enjoyment of the title he coveted, with the consequent security of an undisputed succession to the crown, despite the counter claims of the house of Hamilton, in case his wife should die without issue - a result which, intentionally or not, he and his fellow-conspirators did all that brutality could have suggested to accelerate and secure.
  • The land was partitioned among several distinguished persons, who had of old been biding their opportu~iities, or were born of the occasion.

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